If a girl wants to make a complete picture French manicure, it is necessary to pay attention to nail design. 2018 2019 is rich with new French manicure trends that have affected the manicure - she painted metallic color, juicy shades for a single painting, geometric prints, and interesting technical harping nail classical art.

Lovers of an elegant and original picture will appreciate the innovations french nails picture. With images collected from fashion shows, you like the just designs can learn many interesting ideas for creating classic French manicure.

French manicure fashion trends

French - a nail plate type design, which is always appropriate. It is perfect for everyday or festive image. Classic French manicure as brides who want to look great at the main celebration of his life. Restrained and elegant, the art of the nail and emphasizes the corporate style. In addition, the jacket can become informal detail and brilliant image: going to a party girl or appropriate to make the classic color option that will attract the attention of others and help you stand out.

Thanks to its versatility, this manicure goes out of style. Every year there are many new options for the creation of original nail design, but - for example, in recent years become popular unusual "lunar" drawing technique, and even reverse the elegant jacket. To follow fashion, each of the fair sox can get acquainted with the latest trends in a French manicure, this kind of part of the nail:

French on short nails. Sharp, square nail plate almond shaped fades into the background, giving a distinctly rounded edge and a small length. Extension increasing as little used by famous masters of Trend of the Year Nail design - the perfect elegant and discreet natural French manicure, and therefore convenient for short nails.

calm tones. This autumn-winter comply preferably bright colors. Contrast, color, brilliant jacket design will look good in the summer season.

The unusual shape of "smile". If you want to stand out without using bright colors, a perfect solution - not the design of the dress with a classic croissant, and a triangular wave appears in its place V-shaped

The combination of two styles. French and monthly manicure, complement each other, will look original. To create, you need to paint the free edge of the nail, as in the normal version of the art of the nail and cuticle draw near the crescent.

colored blocks. Some favorites combined all shades will look great. Ladies can use hard or soft shapes, creating a plate nail design.